Agrifac - Stable and always track following

Optimal spray quality

The protection of your crops is where you buy a crop sprayer for. In order to protect the crop in an optimal way, optimal spraying quality is needed. And optimal spray quality is what Agrifac offers you, something which starts with a stable machine and a good balancing system.

Very agile, very ergonomic

The chassis of the Milan has been designed for high working speeds as well as stability. The standard axle and drawbar suspension makes it a machine with a high comfort level on the road and on the field. In combination with the standard boom suspension a stable boom is ensured and therefore an optimal spray pattern is achieved. Due to the compact design of the machine, the Milan is able to steer with a large angle. The machine has a small turning radius, hence the long looking machine. With a steering angle of 54° the machine will always follow the tractor, even in tight turns.

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