Agrifac - GreenFlowPlus

Optimal spraying. Brilliant Simple.

GreenFlowPlus: Spraying quality guaranteed

GreenFlowPlus is the unique and clever designed spraying system from Agrifac for an optimal spraying result. A compactly built pump set with the shortest possible circuit which results in a minimum presence of liquid in the fittings which makes it extremely easy and quick to clean. In addition a circulation system is used so that the spray liquid circulates continuously at high pressure through the spray lines due to the pneumatic controlled quadrajet nozzles. This delivers an optimal spray result in combination with the very quick and precise pressure regulator.

The compactly built pump set with the shortest possible circuit and electrically operated valves ensure that chemicals can be saved and that minimal rest liquid is present. The shape of the tank and the suction point ensure that no rest liquid is present in the tank. As there is no unused liquid present there is first of all no loss of chemicals but the spray system is also extremely quick and easy to clean. Unused liquid is therefore no issue for Agrifac.

Top quality spraying

With the unique pneumatic controlled pressure regulator from Agrifac, an optimal spray result is obtained. The air pressure regulated pressure regulator regulates the pressure in the spray line which results in an extremely accurate spray result. As the pressure regulator is able to react extremely quick to varying spray widths, for example with automatic section control, the application rates stay extremely accurate. The high capacity self-cleaning pressure filter prevents a drop in pressure tractor, even a loss of pressure; in combination with the standard 1 inch diameter stainless steel spray lines and the pressure regulator this guarantees optimal distribution of the spray liquid even with high application rates.

More capacity with induction hopper

Another advantage of the renewed Milan is the induction hopper. Filling with high capacity, liquids and powders are easily dissolved and mixed with the PowerPowderJet. Due to the mixing capacity of the PowerPowderJet and the water supply from the bottom, every crop protection agent is dissolved and taken into the sprayer. The induction hopper is equipped with two cleaning nozzles due to which every type of fust and bag can be cleaned easily. The opened lid of the induction hopper serves as table so that dosing and measuring crop protection agents can be done in an ergonomical way. Shortly, a system with which you make use of the sprayer in an efficient, ergonomical, ecological and economical way.

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